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About Williams & Co

We love Lubbock, and we absolutely love helping our friends buy, sell, and lease both residential and commercial properties here. We want everyone to experience their own little slice of West Texas heaven, whether its for themselves, their business, or their family.

Real estate is our passion, and it’s how we help our families, friends, and business associates add value to their lives.

Through the entire transaction, no matter the task, our team will take extra care to extend respect and build trust to make lasting relationships. After all, we are West Texans and those are West Texas values.

We recommend

Knowing your reasonable financials, knowing lifestyle, being honest about what your real needs and wants are, 80/10/10 love/live with/change,



What local and independent means to

Lubbock is an amazing community and a great place to raise a family. By being local and independent they’re able to anticipate market trends, evaluate which neighborhoods are improving, and identify which homes have the best investment potential. They are specifically invested in seeing a thriving downtown and a growing interest in community involvement.


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Phone - (806) 788-8764

Location - 2610 Salem Ave

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Website -wcorealestate.com