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4 Session Private Lesson Package for $250


About Modern Dog

Justin was inspired to help others learn how to communicate and have better relationships with their dogs after he had learned how to fix his dog's behavioral problems.

At the beginning of January 2016 this passion turned into a full time vocation and he has been helping owners and their dogs live better lives since!


Our recommendation

Justin's private four lesson package is a stellar deal. Each session is an hour long and focused directly on the behaviors that you and your dog are dealing with. At the end of each session Justin provides resources and tips to practice at home to help each lesson stick.


What local and independent means to Justin

Being a business owner gives you the ability to "Connect with more people in the community and make new friends." When you run a business it doesn't have to just be about the transaction, it is about helping and connecting with others.


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Phone Number - (806) 893-8275

Location - 12411 Univesity Ave Suite #1

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