Amor Cocoa

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About Amor Cocoa

Amor Cocoa is the marriage of two countries, Switzerland and El Salvador, with husband and wife team Eric and Gloria. As a bean to bar chocolate company Amor Cocoa is dedicated to making delicious, pure chocolate that is as gentle as possible to the body and nature. 100% organic and without any added chemical or filler, just like it was made centuries ago.

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Our recommendation

Swing by the farmer’s market to sample their product, with a wide array of organic bean to bar chocolates you’re bound to find a flavor you like. Check out their subscription model where you can get you favorite gourmet chocolate delivered to you!

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What local and independent means to Eric and Gloria

Being a local and independent owner means being free. Free to serve the community, free to make a positive impact around the community, and free to be ourselves: That is, "Cocoa Love."

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Business Info

Phone - 562-328-7135