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About Long Dog English Co.

Since 2016, Long Dog English Co has been providing quality attention to clients' English needs through editing, tutoring, and coaching. We believe that all aspects of language can be improved upon: speaking, reading, and writing.

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When working with us, we encourage clients to ask questions and give honest feedback! When working on documents with you, you are ultimately the product- the document is a representation of you.



What local and independent means to Alicia

As a local and independent business owner, I am the community that I serve- not some entity from afar. LDEC is in the business of English and many of our clients need help with résumés or

are ESL learners and need help improving their English. I have been in their shoes: looking for a job, living in a country where I had not mastered the language and struggled, and overall, just needing help communicating through writing and speaking. As a business owner, I love that I can relate to my clients.


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Phone - 806-632-6445