California T’s

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12 free embroidered comfort colors hats with all custom orders over $500


About California T’s

California T’s has been offering amazing custom t’s since 1976! They have a wide selection of Lubbock, Texas Tech and West Texas inspired designs in stock at their shop but they can also create any custom look you need for yourself or your organization. Contact them today to make your next design a reality.

We recommend

The amazing staff at California T’s love when customers walk in and say "do you guys make shirts?" because it gives them an opportunity to tell their story. A lot of people have been to California T’s in 70's and 80's and feel nostalgic coming back today. Come in to find your unique style.



What local and independent means to California T’s

Being Local makes the community a lot more fun. California T’s gets so excited when they see a locally owned brewery be successful in Lubbock or a platform like Local LBK that is supporting local organizations.


Store Info

Phone -(806) 763-1071

Location - 1611 University Ave

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