"Keep it Local" 

A movement to keep equity, decision making, and money in our community to support good culture, quality of life, and local innovation.

Mural By:  Joey Martinez

Mural By: Joey Martinez

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People joke that the only thing to do in Lubbock is to eat. We would argue the point, but we can't deny that we have tons of great local food establishments. Check out some of our favorites!

Alcoholic or otherwise you can find any drink you want at a local establishment. With wine, beer, rum, coffee all made in the LBK you'll find that the craft industry is doin' just fine.

We're known as the Hub City for a reason. People from all over come to Lubbock to get their shopping done. Our local retailers provide such unique shopping experiences that it rivals any other shopping experience you can get in the state!


The Keep it Local Card


The Keep it Local Card is your passport to the best that Lubbock has to offer. These 3 easy steps will get you access to exclusive rewards and discounts. 

Check out all of the awesome rewards for shopping Locally!


Meet the Owners

One of our favorite parts of the Keep it Local movement is getting to hear their stories. From the obstacles and opportunities to the hardships and the joys, we love getting to hear about the passion and vision that drive it all.

Follow along to hear the story behind the brand and get to meet the owner behind the business.

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